Friday, September 17, 2010

Celebrity Fridays!!

Just like any one of you I have my favorite celebrities that I am obsessed with and it can get a little creepy the thing I search up for them. Recently the daughter of one of my favorite men in black, Willow Smith daughter of Will Smith has been hitting up the internet world with her out there fashion sense, rihanna inspired hair style and her music. I was not too shocked about the way she dressed because she is the daughter of a celebrity and seems like the creative, artistic type. Her music on the other hand came as a shocker because when I first heard it I thought it was Rihanna, but after the intro I realized it was a much younger voice and nearly fell off my seat. Her song is called "Whip my hair" and it is frigging amazing, the blog and media world are going crazy for her. I currently have it as my ringtone, and never gets dull.

I am just amazed by her talent as she is only 9 years old!!! I salute you Willow Smith, continue to whip your hair. :-)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cool Calm Collected

As the summer heat dries out and teenagers like myself head off to college,or back to high school to enjoy the rest of their controlled freedom; kids first day at school and a overwhelmed mom waves goodbye, it occurred to me that life has its moments and cycles.

And all we can do is live, laugh and love right through these cycles instead of watching as the world goes on.

I am wearing a faith21 dark denim, payless flats, thrifted jacket and a pashmina from my mother, ring from stiches and a old navy classic black t-shirt.