Friday, October 15, 2010

Flaws Of Couture.... we are finally here!!!

For many of you who have been following my and Sasha from deliciouslyfat you know that we have a dress line coming out very soon called Flaws of Couture. It is geared towards plus size women; it came to us from personal experiences struggling to find trendy, sexy, comfortable dresses. SO when we couldn't find it we decided its time to take the plus size industry by storm !!!!!

The exciting things that have already happened:
1-WE ARE OFFICIAL!! Flaws Of Couture have been patent and we own it.
2-PHOTOSHOOT!!! We have done a photo shoot for our upcoming website.
3-WIRED!!! We have already begun work on creating out official domain, with a web designer and all.
4-ACCESSORIZE!!! In the mean time while our dresses are being made we wanted to target winter fashion by making one of a kind scarves. They are unique designs that will fierce up any outfit.
Check the pictures out @facebook or here below.

Our signature scarf Alissa Vogue(solid black)front

Alissa Vogue(solid black)back

Toni Marie (unisex)

Toni Marie (unisex)

Zuzu May

Lulu Ray (purple snake print)

Join the Flaws of Couture group on facebook and you will see more designs and how to order. Quick orders just e-mail the name of the scarf to and we will get back to you with your one of a kind scarf.