A tad bit more is my personal blog where I share my love for fashion, music and Toronto`s up and coming artists and designers.

My name is Garcia Lewin and I am 18 years old, I live in Brampton, Ontario and is an aspiring journalist who is looking for ways to empower and bring confidence to the people I come in contact with daily. I am here to push women and men who feel insecure or unsure about themselves because of any flaw to stop feeling sorry for yourself and start living. Think about it, do you know your last day is? No you don`t so how can you hide that beautiful smile, that gorgeous face and body because of society and the norms of beauty. All I want to do is boost your confidence and have every one who views my blog to leave with a sense of confidence and feel empowered enough to help another insecure person.

Self-esteem leads to Confidence leads to being Noticed leads to Opportunities

Garcia Lewin