Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trendy: Shredded

So I have been searching the blogosphere and online magazines looking for some inspiration, and I found it. I have been seeing a lot of people and celebrities wearing distresses t-shirts and blouses. At first glance I was not sure it was something that would take off but it sure has. I first seen Miley Cyrus in a grey distressed t-shirt then i seen a fellow blogger Musings of a Fatshionista,and now its taking over. I jumped on that bandwagon too, and they are easy to make. Unlike the celebrities who can buy a shredded tee for $200, why not DIY. It`s easy.

1.Miley Cyrus 2.Outsapop 3.TorontoStreetFashion 4.Fashion indie 5.StyleCopycat 6.CoutureCandy 7. Musings of a Fatshionista 8.Chictopia 9.Polyvore 10.Forever21 theskinny 11.Chictopia 12.Prettyinblack 13.Styleguru 14,Gstatic

I will keep you posted on how my shredded t-shirt turned out.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Forever 21 Fitting room

So many of you know and love Forever21 because they are amazing, and offer classic,urban and trendy clothing.Forever21 gets even better because they have a plus size section call Faith21. In Canada there are two locations with a Faith21,Check it out!!

Mapleview Shopping Center
900 Maple Ave, Space #CRU A40
Burlington ON L7S 2J8

Fairview Mall
1800 Sheppard Ave. East #2052
Toronto ON M2J-5A7

Jaea Magzine Unleashed Fashion and Music Fundraiser

This event was short noticed since i found out two days before but it made no difference because Rhea S. of Jaea mag hooked me and Deliciously fat up!!!

Here goes the rundown of the night. In true fashion the show was began late but there was never a dull moment. The designers brought there A-game, the crowd was warm and fun but i have to give it up to the dj's for keeping me happy and in a sweet mood all night, with there early 90's throw backs and mixes. The only bit of criticism I had was one of the hosts was walking in between models while the show was taking place. I personaly found that rude not only to guest who could not see or photographers but the designers who should have gotten that respect. He was a lovely guy nonetheless.

Hosts: Shannon Boodram, Quinn Martin and Sherry Rampersaud

Sorry is some of the pictures are bad, I am in the process of getting a better one and some of my pictures got misplaced so this is based off memory.Also check out the videos for the collections on my YouTube page GarciaBlogger

The Performers included Jelly,Chin Chilla,Unbuttoned,Wolf J,and many more. Check my youtube page for some videos of the performances @ GarciaBlogger

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Less is more

I know many of us do not believe that less is more, well its time to change. Less is more has this negative stigma surrounding it of being trashy, and slutty but wearing less can be very classy.
The reason for this post Canada is getting some amazing weather here and I am tired of seeing young women in sweat pants (WTF), pajama tops, and overly baggy t-shirts with a too short cut of denims. I believe summer is the season to expose your body,show us what your working with.

Here are a few outfits and tips I put together to help you show some skin in a classy, sexy way.

Tip 1: Short shorts
Yes you can wear those shorts, get a pair that fits higher on the waist and way below the buttocks because thats just not flattering on anyone. Pair it with a light material printed blouse and a thin belt (optional).
blouse-oldnavy, shorts-walmart, belt-inspired by american apparel,ring-burlington coat factory
Tip 2: Banded Skirt
These skirts have been a hit since last year and are still looking fab for the year to come. They come in many different colors and can dress up any outfit or give it the casual feel. You can pair it with a baggy colored t-shirt, and a statement necklace.
t-shirt-oldnavy,skirt-faith21, necklace-rietmans, bracelet-vintage
Many of you have many striped blouses but aren`t sure if you can wear them anymore. Yes ladies you can make them look modern by wearing it with a banded skirt and a thin belt. Add to the casual by wearing some comfy flats or gladiator sandals. You can wear this out to a movie.
skirt-faith21,red flats-payless, striped blouse-addition-elle, bag-winners

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am ready for love, life, future, and anything else this planet has to offer. In life we are given rules and judgment from the day we were born, to the day we die and rarely do we ever stop to think about what "I" want, the few who do live an extraordinary life with no regrets. This is exactly what I am doing, living. Are you?

A tad bit more is about fatshion and how being fat can but will not affect what I wear and how far I get in life. I am here to uplift any girl, or woman`s confidence and self-esteem. It is becoming a get skinny pandemic and I will not stand by and let it take over the world. Too often I hear about the latest diets, models eating a celery stick for lunch or another sad story about how an eating disorder has taken another young woman or man`s life.

A tad bit more is your source for instant confidence boost and energy. As well it`s here to highlight people who are making their obstacles their opportunities and making a way in fashion, music and life.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Designers Closet 2010

Sorry about the late uploads.

The amazing Christine Minton(ceeminton) and Justin B. was the one in charge of the amazing event The Designers Closet. It was the first one to take place and I hope it will become an annual event that will continue to showcase the greater Toronto upcoming designers and artists. The show was exceptionally fun and entertaining. The clothes and accessories I saw at the event are definitely unique and fun pieces that I would wear. The line up of designers included milk and canvas, Beaucoup, Shona Peniston, Material World and J.Big. The performances were by Gifly Singh ,Wolf J (amazing) and JKB.

I attended the event with Sasha from Deliciouslyfat and met some amazing people and other upcoming designers who were not featured in this years event. Hope to see them next year.

Now for the good stuff, the pictures.

Behind the scenes

The show

photos by Gia Pereira, christine minton and others