Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jaea Magzine Unleashed Fashion and Music Fundraiser

This event was short noticed since i found out two days before but it made no difference because Rhea S. of Jaea mag hooked me and Deliciously fat up!!!

Here goes the rundown of the night. In true fashion the show was began late but there was never a dull moment. The designers brought there A-game, the crowd was warm and fun but i have to give it up to the dj's for keeping me happy and in a sweet mood all night, with there early 90's throw backs and mixes. The only bit of criticism I had was one of the hosts was walking in between models while the show was taking place. I personaly found that rude not only to guest who could not see or photographers but the designers who should have gotten that respect. He was a lovely guy nonetheless.

Hosts: Shannon Boodram, Quinn Martin and Sherry Rampersaud

Sorry is some of the pictures are bad, I am in the process of getting a better one and some of my pictures got misplaced so this is based off memory.Also check out the videos for the collections on my YouTube page GarciaBlogger

The Performers included Jelly,Chin Chilla,Unbuttoned,Wolf J,and many more. Check my youtube page for some videos of the performances @ GarciaBlogger

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