Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I am ready for love, life, future, and anything else this planet has to offer. In life we are given rules and judgment from the day we were born, to the day we die and rarely do we ever stop to think about what "I" want, the few who do live an extraordinary life with no regrets. This is exactly what I am doing, living. Are you?

A tad bit more is about fatshion and how being fat can but will not affect what I wear and how far I get in life. I am here to uplift any girl, or woman`s confidence and self-esteem. It is becoming a get skinny pandemic and I will not stand by and let it take over the world. Too often I hear about the latest diets, models eating a celery stick for lunch or another sad story about how an eating disorder has taken another young woman or man`s life.

A tad bit more is your source for instant confidence boost and energy. As well it`s here to highlight people who are making their obstacles their opportunities and making a way in fashion, music and life.

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