Sunday, July 18, 2010

Designers Closet 2010

Sorry about the late uploads.

The amazing Christine Minton(ceeminton) and Justin B. was the one in charge of the amazing event The Designers Closet. It was the first one to take place and I hope it will become an annual event that will continue to showcase the greater Toronto upcoming designers and artists. The show was exceptionally fun and entertaining. The clothes and accessories I saw at the event are definitely unique and fun pieces that I would wear. The line up of designers included milk and canvas, Beaucoup, Shona Peniston, Material World and J.Big. The performances were by Gifly Singh ,Wolf J (amazing) and JKB.

I attended the event with Sasha from Deliciouslyfat and met some amazing people and other upcoming designers who were not featured in this years event. Hope to see them next year.

Now for the good stuff, the pictures.

Behind the scenes

The show

photos by Gia Pereira, christine minton and others

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