Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shopping !!!!

As fall is approaching I realize I need to go and do some damage to my account because I barely have anything to keep me warm that`s stylish for the cold weather. Yikes! This season I am seeing a lot of over sized sweaters,cardigans and tops being paired with crop pants. As well one of my favorite things are leggings and normally I would double up in winter because they are thin but I have been seeing thick leggings, almost a pant material but is soft and comfortable like leggings. The military jacket was in last season but has made a return and I might get one, they are great to style up a casual outfit or dress down a fancy one.

As a fashion blogger I feel ashamed (only a little) because of my shoe collection, it`s horrible. I have barely any heels,I think they all walked out on me, and none of some of the essentials.I need more stockings especially the printed ones, and i need way more dresses to get ready for the holiday parties.

1.classic black pump
2.colored pump
3.fitted blazer booties
5.patent black purse
6.nude color sidebag
7.white v-neck tee/tank
8.boyfriend jeans mini skirt
10.denim jacket
12.bold rings

Boy am I slacking. No need to worry because now that school is back in session, I will have to buckle down and focus less on going partying and more on you. The only sad part is that my shopping will have to wait until the paycheck comes, then I will go crazy.

Have you realized your wardrobe is not ready for Fall/Winter 2010? Tell me what essentials your are missing out on?

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