Sunday, January 2, 2011

Change or Challenge

Saturday December 31, 2010 I cleaned, rearranging bedrooms with my mother. Its this thing that we do when we are extremely stressed out and need a fresh start(even if its just the bed in a different position). It got darker and we got more tired, now getting frustrated because nothing was working. Fast forward my younger sister and cousins went with my mom to church to ring in the new year. I stayed home and sipped wine!

Overwhelmed by all the new years special going on I quickly change between MTV`s jersey new years, Carson`s special and Bet`s 106npark party. I kept flipping and laughing at how stupid that host was on the MTV`s special, she wasn`t funny! Like millions of people doing exactly the same thing as me, I waited for this overwhelming feeling of tears, sobs and shouting "Happy New Year", kissing some random hot guy... I waited, 11:50, waited... 11:55, waited some more 11:59:50... 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1... but not a damn thing happened. I said a prayer thanking god for bringing me to 2011 and downed the rest of my wine.

So two days into 2011 I asked everyone at work how there new years went, everyone had fun, they either partied, went to church and partied or spent it with that special someone. UGH please...

One of our regular customers surprised me when I asked how her new years went. "My new years was here two days ago and now its gone,I still got the same debts, same problems but the one thing I hoped would change was that one second where 2010 was going and 2011 was coming. I wish it was longer."

She without knowing it she summed up how I was feeling for these past two days. All I wanted was the change to take longer to happen. My mood is now fixed, my outlook on 2011 is now different, 2011 seems more approachable and less challenging that's all I was looking for. Thank you ♥

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