Thursday, August 5, 2010


Sexy:sexually attractive or exciting (Oxford Dictionary)
It occurred to me that sexy is a word used very often in every day conversations and I wondered What do people really thin is sexy?

I personally think sexy comes in different categories, and often gets jumbled into one which is is she hot or not? Women can be sexy covered from head to toe, sexy when they speak and sexy when they are powerful. Feeling sexy is a feeling EVERY single woman should FEEL and you are no exception. One thing I admire about all of my friends is that feeling sexy becomes apart of their daily lives. They will wake up,get dressed, put on makeup then take a double look at themselves and smile even laugh at just how gorgeous and sexy they are. So i challenge you to take a double look in the mornings or whenever you are going out at how sexy you are, it does not mean wearing the most revealing top but could just be the way your hair is. And remember if you love to show off what you have that's sexy too.

Try it and tell me how your day went after that.

Here are some pictures of some days i felt sexy.

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